Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sexuality of Scallop

Fish fetishs…

I gave serious consideration to naming this post “I am getting s@*t hot”… but forsake of modesty I opted for “the sexuality as scallops’ tittle”. Less controversial and pompous …only by the skin of your micky as my granddad says …Bang!

So in advance I apologize for poor picture quality. It is not easy shooting whilst all around you mayhem ensues, a restaurant full of diners with hungry stomachs vying for your attention not to mention the penguin like waiters hovering, no swarming to and fro like ants in front of your pass (Ok slightly dramatic analogy) …what am getting at is the fact that it is hard to shoot snaps in service as much as i would love too, most nights it just ain’t possible…

This is by far my favourite dish on starters for two reasons. Reason one being it is fish and I am a feign for anything originating from the big blue sea (definitely to do with my upbringing… thank Poseidon himself!)… reason number two being for me, and I am pretty sure you will agree, it is sexy, sexy mouth salivating food. So enough chitter chatter, show me the money as the agitated Gerry Maguire once put it …Here is the money Gerry.
Actually, an afterthought, or a third reason. Third reason being why I love this dish so much, as well as its aesthetic and sexual values is the clean, simple and uncomplicated ingredients. All in season and screaming summer. All lessons I am learning in the kitchen and in anticipation I am eagerly (perhaps slightly geekishly) awaiting winter to see what seasonal dishes and culinary creations are introduced to the menu. Cooking …You have to love it …Now Gerry. Here is the money …Bang!

1/2 Dozen scallop …Roe and muscle removed

1 cucumber

½ cup of broad bean… blanched shell removed
1 bunch wild asparagus

¼ cup double cream
½ cup fresh pea …blanched

4 shallot …minced
2 tblspn Oil

Knob butter
Season to taste

How to

Okay Gerry. First and foremost lets bung our minced shallots into a pot with the double cream. Bring the cream to the boil seasoning with salt and pepper. Be gentle a pinch of each then reduce heat to a simmer. Bang in blanced fresh pea and turn your attention to the cucumber.
Ideally you want a mandolin as your weapon of choice, set to one of its lowest cutting widths. Half your cucumber. Using a teaspoon scrape down the centre of the cucumber inside and discard all unwanted seeds. Run down mandolin (watch your pinkies) producing long cucumber ribbons. Set aside.

Blanching wild asparagus takes a surprisingly little amount of time. Bring a pot of heavily salted water to the boil. Whack in asparagus for no longer than thirty seconds. Done… into ice water to refresh.
Bang your pea mixture into the blender on full tilt. We do not want any skins or pea sediment floating about so so pass through a fine chamois or muslin after blending. Nearly there…

Lightly season one side of your scallop. Add oil to a pan on a high heat…when your oil begins to smoke add scallop and do not touch for two minute. We want an caramelized affect. Whilst turning, add the butter and spoon over scallop. Bang into the oven on a low temperature for a further two minute. All components are there. Plate up. Show me the scallops!

Money... Shown...

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